Standard Films - Keratherm

The surface of the KERATHERM standard films is smooth in order to ensure that there is no entrapped air that would interfere with the heat transfer between the component and the heat sink. The material smooths out microscopic irregularities in the contact surfaces which improves the termal interface and therefore increases the heat dissipation.

KERATHERM silicone-free standard films are used wherever the use of silicone can lead to problems. Besides good thermal and outstanding electrical properties, these foils are characterized by their good cut-through resistance.


  • good insulation properties
  • heat-conducting
  • good compressibility
  • fully crosslinked
  • flexible
  • environmental friendly
  • RoHS conform


  • smooth surface
  • very good properties even at
    very low contact pressure
  • low hardness
  • high self-adhesion
  • UL listed

Film Options

  • optional single-sided adhesive coating
  • special thicknesses available
  • can be supplied on roll or already punched
  • fibre glass reinforcement availablev



  • power supplies
  • automotive, engine controllers
  • LCD displays
  • white goods
  • audio- and video components
  • power converters