Phase Change Materials - Keratherm

Kerafol’s PCM 471 is a combination of fiberglass reinforced hot-setting waxes with or without a carrier material. The wax mixture of PCM 471 melts at various temperatures depending on its dimensions and so can fill even the smallest irregularities between the power module and the heat sink. This creates an improved contact between the surfaces and increases heat transfer. It’s special design makes it easy to use and to store. PCM 471 is optionally available with single-side adhesive.

Possible Thickness: 0.200mm


  • notebooks
  • desktop CPU’s
  • IGBT units
  • Property Symbol Unit PCM 471
    Color gray
    Compound filled
    Thermal Properties
    Thermal Resistance Rth K/W 0.07
    Thermal Impedance Rti °Cmm²/W
    Thermal Conductivity ? W/mK 4.0
    Electrical Properties
    Breakdown Voltage Ud;ac kV 1.0
    Dielectric Breakdown Ed;ac kV/mm 5.0
    Mechanical Properties
    Measured Thickness (±10%) mm 0.200
    Hardness Shore 00 70 – 80
    Softening Interval °C 46
    Physical Properties
    Density g/cm3 1.82
    Application Temperature °C -40 to +125